We are awarded the Drafting of Projects and Works Management of the Catalan Association of Municipalities

Manos de ingeniero trabajando en planos del proyecto marco, concepto de construcción. Herramientas de ingeniería. Efecto de filtro retro de tono vintage, enfoque suave (enfoque selectivo) I Associació Catalana de Project Management - Integral Archiconsult

Integral Archiconsult has been approved by the Central de Compras de l’ACM (Associació Catalana de Municipis) for projects and construction management services for local entities in Catalonia (Exp. 2021.05), from January 20, 2023 to January 19, 2025.

The aim of this Agreement is to facilitate the management and processing of ongoing files for local administrations. It includes projects and construction management, as well as activity projects, facilities systems and legalization (including renewable energies), maintenance plans and energy efficiency.

The ACM’s Central de Compres de l’ACM provides guidance on everything you need:; tel. 93 496 16 16;

Please contact us in case of any doubt, or additional information you may need.